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Tile in Fultondale, AL

tile flooring in fultondaleTile floors offer you style, versatility, and numerous options when choosing flooring for your home or business. Ask the experts at our local flooring store to show you the decorating possibilities that tile provides. Tile flooring is available in a multitude of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes. Find a wide array of the following types of tile in our flooring showroom:

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Slate Tile

Make a Decorating Statement with Tile Flooring

Tile allows you to make a decorating statement, whether that statement is subtle and graceful or bold and beautiful. You can install it in soft colors that flatter your furnishings or create a stunning design. We have professionals in our showroom who have product knowledge, as well as design training. Work with our experts to tile every room of your home in beauty and style.

Elegant & Refined Ceramic Tile

When you want a space to show elegance and refinement, choose ceramic tile. This type of tile is kiln-fired, so it is tough and enduring. Expect it to resist fire, frost, scratches, and stains. Another admirable quality is its ability to withstand water. This is why you see it used in the bathroom, kitchen, and basement. It works as well for flooring, as it does for shower surrounds and colorful backsplashes.

Ceramic is a softer tile, which makes it easy to cut and install. It is also the most cost effective Ask our design and sales professionals to show you numerous styles among our ceramic tile collections.

The Modern Appeal of Porcelain Tile

Dense and hard, porcelain tile provides a modern appeal that works with any decorating style. The streamlined look of porcelain with its clean lines serves to elevate the ambience of any space. Like all tile, porcelain is easy to clean. Sweep up dust and dirt and damp mop with a tile-cleaning product.

One of the benefits of tile flooring comes from its hypoallergenic qualities. This flooring does not give dust, dirt, germs, or bacteria any place to hide. Thus, it offers cleanliness and easy breathing for members of your family with asthma and allergies.

Slate Tile Offers Rustic Charm

The earthy appeal of slate tile makes it a popular choice for flooring in any room of your house. This type of tile is quarried from the earth, so it offers that unique natural beauty that is characteristic of stone. Select this dense and enduring tile in rust, gold, blue, green, and gray. It imparts a rustic feeling to a space that offers a homey type of elegance.

Tile Flooring Installation Requires Meticulous Care

Let us send a team of professionals to your home to install your new tile flooring. Tile requires meticulous care and precision measurements to install properly. Sloppy work is glaringly obvious and results in damage. We use experienced professionals who know how to install it for beauty and longevity. These professionals take the time to rip out the old flooring and prepare the subfloor properly. Once ready, these installers trowel on mortar, place the tiles carefully, and apply the grout neatly. When installed properly, tile is stunning in its visual appeal and lasts for many years.


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